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Vafa Animal Shelter

Ms. Fatima Motamedi founded the Animal Lovers Association in 2003 which in turn opened the first charitable animal shelter of Iran the following year.

Vafa animal shelter which stands on the empty plains to the east of the city of Hashtgerd near Tehran was later officially licensed and recognised by the government.


So many hurt and stray dogs, often injured in accidents on the highways, were brought to the project,  that its mission gradually shifted towards their care and rescue. A campaign was started to convince the municipality not to order the shooting of strays, but to bring them to the shelter for neutering and care. Now Iranian expatriates as well as locals donate towards the costs.


In this multimedia report we hear from the manager, Ms. Lida Esna Ashari, as well as the chief vet, Dr. Houman Moloukpour, supported by the cries of their beloved dogs, about their hopes for an international standard dog shelter.

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- Anonymous، 2012/05/21
I can't believe that they are people in Iran that love dogs because they have been mistreated for so long. Thank you to all the people that volunteer and donate to this shelter. God bless all of you and I am sure that we will receive a lot of help from animal lovers all over the world.
- Anonymous، 2011/04/22
god bless you
- behnaz، 2010/05/22
god bless you
- goli & firooz، 2009/11/20
It was great and I am so happy that there are people who care animals
- Anonymous، 2009/08/10
i wish there were an easy and legal way to send the shelter financial support from the U.S.
- Azita، 2009/02/28
How can we reach them? How can we give them worldwide recognition? Surely there are millions in the international community who'd love to help!

Jadid Online: You can contact them through their website: http://www.cal.ir/
- Victoria، 2009/02/16
So where is the PAYPAL button???
- Katayoun، 2009/02/12
I have been an animal lover (especially dogs) all my life. I suffered a lot due to my father's ignorance and resistance to having dogs as a child and was forbidden to have them. My father's thinking was a result of archaic cultural beliefs that have no merit if one bothers to become informed. This lack of respect and humane treatment of dogs and other animals in the Iranian culture is unfortunately quite pervasive still; however, I am AMAZED AND SURPRISED that such an organization can become established and exist in Iran WITH governmental support. Enlightenment is possible. A thousand thanks to Ms. Fatima Motamedi , Dr. Houman Moloukpour and Ms. Lida Esna Ashari for their compassion, and commitment to making this shelter a reality in Iran so that hopefully people can learn & nurture compassion for animals, as well as themselves, AND new thinking can prevail. God Bless.
- Marissa Stracaluzi، 2009/02/12
How do we obtain a way to contact Ms. Motamedi? I run Help Save One, Inc and would love to somehow assist in her efforts for the dogs.

JadidOnline: You can contact her organization through the following address:
- Zahra، 2009/02/10
Hi, Loved the report. It is good to see that these animals are having a better life.
In Iran you have a problem with dogs due to culture reasons. What the people forget is that if dogs were so bad GOD would not have chosen one to be a witness to the story regarding Kaf (Cave) which is mentioned in Surah alKaf in the Holy Qur'an. GOD bless you all.
- Anonymous، 2009/02/06
Poor them. Is it possible to help them?!
- Mojgan، 2009/02/05
What a great job , about time that we be civilized to our animals and treat them humanely .My thanks to Ms. Fatima Motamedi , Dr. Houman Moloukpour and Ms. Lida Esna Ashari.
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