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To Sing or not to Sing

Hourvash Khalili has faced constant barriers to her singing career in Iran. She is unable to perform as a soloist due to religious proclamations that prohibit women singing without accompaniment. Here she discusses this issue and talks about her early struggle to become the acclaimed singer she is today.

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- Anonymous، 2008/02/10
It is tragic to see how music and art are being destroyed. Bravo to women and men like Hourvash Khalili who try hard to keep art and music alive in Iran. Sad what's happened to our beautiful land, our art and poetry and music.
- Golandam، 2008/02/08
I commend your effort to stay on this field. I am from Shiraz myself and enjoyed your singing clips in your video interview. You have beautiful voice. I think it can be something down thought united nation probably sections of UNISCO. Collecting signatures from others woman artist and your colleagues in Iran. Or contacting other international organization for art and music in the world have get support. The things in this world will work the best are when you have publicity and be in the media. In US there are festival for music called Grammy award which is this Sunday. If we could get even they mention about Persian woman vocalist that they can not be solo vocalist. It would be at list start.

It’s a thought. I am not singer but I loved Persian music especially Folk music.

Good luck like we persian always say when there is well there is a way to do things done.
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