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Music in Motion

Through her integration of classical ballet movements into traditional Persian dancing Farzaneh Kaboli has created a new and sophisticated form of Persian dance. Her work is a celebration of the rich tradition of folk music and dance within Iran. Some day she hopes to show her work to a wider audience.

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- Jamsheed Dashtgard، 2008/02/20
I honestly felt very proud of you. Mainly because of your interesting art and the fact that you are developing and presenting it inside Iran. I will be making my 1st trip to Iran in 27 years this fall and will sure try to see your performance.
- Arta، 2008/02/18
When she says "walking on the music", or all she does is "remolding" the movements to fit into the music, she probably signifies her choreography not being 'aided' by music but 'following' the routes music is leading. In other words,without music, she will stall. I wonder if this is true for all cultures, or its the underpinning spirituality of iranian consciousness that is indissociable from musicality. We don't memorize a line of poetry if there is not musicality built into it. How many people nonchalantly recite "new wave" poetry on que?
- Anonymous، 2008/02/14
dont you think it would be a good idea if you write a longer intro with some backgound?
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