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Makeup, Kabul Style

Austere images  of   Afghanistan aside, and whether Burka clad or not, a new generation  in  Kabul  surprise us by following  the latest fashion.
Mina  Shayesteh  spoke to a group of young men and women  in Kabul who have  their  own  views  on personal makeup habits.

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- Anonymous، 2008/05/09
It is amazing to realize the cultural differences between peoples. We don't think a thing about buying makeup, underwear or other personal products, where in Afghanistan they are so modest. I am glad that women are wearing their lipstick proudly. Some of these cultures (although I think Egypt was the first for lipstick) are the innovators of makeup--which I believe is every woman's right and privilege--so it is good that they can adorn themselves freely!
- Anonymous، 2008/04/22
That was a very interesting report. It is good to know women's liberation is coming back in this region.
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