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Isfahan's Ancient Pigeon Towers

The pigeon towers of Isfahan are a perfect example of man working with nature in common alliance. Before the use of chemical fertilisers alternative means had to be found for generating large quantities of fertiliser.

Using their knowledge of the natural environment the architects of Isfahan created pigeon towers. By attracting wild pigeons with seed and a safe place to roost the towers acted as a natural collection point for waste which could then be used as fertiliser.

The Iranian filmmaker, Mohammad Saeed Mohasesi who has studied the pigeon towers of Isfahan explains the background to these ancient buildings.

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- Anonymous، 2014/10/29
Hello again
The reason I want to have Mr.Mohasesi is because I want to do a project on pigeons for Toronto Canada and want to get his opinion and this clip of his production sounds a copy-right because I coud not transfer the file to real player since the music is amazing to listen,today I saw my last year message and don't know if I give my e-mail address which is very personal I don't want to be published here but to be given to Mr.Mohasesi,if he is in Iran then I can call him and ask him about my project for the future thanks.
Jadid Online: Thank you very much for your message. please send your email address to: info@jadidonline.com
- Canada، 2013/12/18
I would like to contact Mr.Mohammad saeed Mohasesi who produced a documentry about Pigeons and pigeon tower please publish his e-mail
address of any related Phone number thanks
جدیدآنلاین: کاربر گرامی با تشکر از پیام شما. لطفا ایمیل آدرس خود را برای ما بفرستید.
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