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Four Pupils and a Teacher

When Abdul Mohammad She’rani was asked to describe his future ambitions in the first year of high school he wrote ‘to be a teacher in a far-flung village’. Now aged 21, Mr She’rani teaches in a small Iranian fishing village of Jamalabad Kalu near the southern port city of Bushehr. His tiny school consists of only four pupils and he could not be more satisfied. In this report Mr She’rani discusses life as a teacher in perhaps the tiniest school in the world.

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- Anonymous، 2008/08/14
Cheghadr Delam Tange, Vase Iran, Vase Eshgh, Vase Rosta, Vase Pakie Bache Haye Rostayi

Cheghadr Gerye Daram, Dost Daram, Saram Ro Bezaram Ro Sineye Sahel e Darya, Va Zar Zar Gerye Konam

Agha Moalem, Bacheha, Bedonid, Hala Kheilia Hastand Ke Doseton Darand, Kheilia...
- ، 2008/07/18
kheyli kheyli ziba bood.
- سمیرا، 2008/07/08
بسیار زیبا بود. لذت بردم. درود بر گزارشگر.
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