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Adventure in the Amazon

An eclipse of the sun may last just 16 seconds and may only be visible at the other end of the world.  Here, a team of amateur astronomers from Iran recount their journey to Panama and their experiences with boats, planes, rain forest tree-houses and Amazon Indian hospitality. A member of the team, Siavash Safarianpour tells the story.

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- jay، 2008/04/10
nice one, well filmed and commentated and great scenery
- Anonymous، 2008/04/02
This was really beautiful and I most enjoyed hearing that those from Iran, too, appreciate the way of life of the traditional amazon cultures. The Indigenous peoples of the world have so much to teach those of us from the "developed" countries of the world, of East and West and North and South, we are all one humanity and Planet Earth is One with us all.
- Anonymous، 2008/03/27
Please include English articles into your RSS feed as well. Thank you for your great work and intuitive interface.

JadidOnline: You can get the RSS feed from our English archive pages by clicking on "More Stories" in the home page.
- nasser، 2008/03/13
I enjoyed watching your video clips .
thank you and good luck.
- Zach Adam، 2008/03/04
This is a wonderful media piece. Native tribes all over the Americas have a rich history and I am glad that Aqa Safarianpour and his team were able to meet some of them. And thank you for the English translations, it was very helpful for me as my Farsi is a bit slow! :)
- Minoo Mozafar، 2008/03/01
That was nice ! Hope to see more of these pieces on your website.
- Niloo، 2008/03/01
such an exciting idea !
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