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Daughters of Hope

The Omid-e-Mehr Foundation was founded in 2004 in Iran by Marjaneh Halati to provide disadvantaged girls purpose in their lives, as well as self sufficiency. They study English, computers, life skills and arts and crafts for two years. This can be followed by a course of specialist study of accounting, typing or sewing, allowing them entrance to the job market.

Counselling and peer support are available for the girls, who usually have quite deprived and vulnerable backgrounds. Volunteers and professional social workers and councellors working with the foundation aim to empower, nurture and educate the students in a positive environment. All of this takes place in the middle of Tehran, although a charity has also been set up in England to fundraise and support the activities.

In this report, we visit an exhibition of their creative work recently held in Tehran and talk to some of these girls who reflect on their life changing experience at Omid-e-Mehr.

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