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Flooded Deserts on Canvas

Iran Darroudi, discusses the inspiration and creative process behind her paintings.

Beyond Darkness

Leading Iranian folk singer, Pari Zangeneh tells the story of her remarkable life.

Cones of Kandovan

A unique volcanic village in Azarbaijan where houses are carved inside cone shaped rocks.

Tahami Photo Studio

Tahami's unique photographic archive of Iran.

Lady of Roses

The inspiring story of a remarkable couple who created a vast rose garden in Kerman to replace poppy fields there.

Christmas at Home

Spending Christmas with a British family preparing and planning months in advance for the festive season.

Roya dances with her hands

Roya Abdolhosini, born with her left leg missing is an accomplished gymnast and acrobatic dancer.

Hidden Subterranean Kish

The underground canals in Kish are renovated as a tourist attraction.

Treasury of Iranian Jewels

History’s Witnesses: A documentary by Khosrow Sinai on the unique collection of Iranian crown jewels.

Ice Houses of Iran

A fascinating book by the Danish scholar, Hemming Jorgensen on ancient Iranian mud houses designed to store ice.

Vafa Animal Shelter

Iran’s first dog shelter persevering to care for unloved animals

Zoroastrian Celebration of Norouz

A Zoroastrian priest explains Persian New Year's traditions.

Early Persian Post Cards

A rare collection of vintage Iranian post cards and historical documents going back to the 17th century.

Remembering Shiraz

Pioneers of photography in Shiraz document the history of their city.

Evlin Bahceban’s Music

The singer, pianist and teacher, Evlin Bacheban looks back at her artistic life and times in Iran.

Mervigi Songs

An artistic form of Bukharan singing rooted in a fusion of traditional Iranian and Tajik music.

Ramadan Tent in London

Muslim students from the University of London invite the public to join them for Iftar in their Ramadan tent.

Jumping with Joy

A group of young men in Tehran demonstrate their spectacular skills of jumping and climbing known as Parkour.

Treasures of Sarazm

The oldest archaeological site in Central Asia designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Baba Marta Spring Tradition

Baba Marta or Grandmother March is a mythical Bulgarian figure who heralds the beginning of spring.

Afghanistan Through My Lens

Elham Ehsas captures images of his country he left as a child a decade ago.

Sumbat of Julfa

Sumbat is renowned within artistic circles throughout the world for his colourful aquarelles

Creative Christmas Windows

Some very creative festive window designs on display in London stores.

Desert Symphony

Wind towers of Yazd catch the wind to create a distinctive symphony.

Solace in Nature

Mehrdad Shojaei’s photographs meticulously capture the variety of living images of beauty, often undetectable to the naked eye.

Filming the Shahnameh

The life and work of Tajik filmmaker and photographer, Zaur Dakhte who filmed the epic of Shahnameh.

Shireen and Nousheen Stories

A series of books in English for children with stories illustrating Nowruz celebrations.

Welcoming Nowruz

The traditional spring festival of Arous Gol in Gilan and Mazandaran.

Isfahan’s Hidden House

A couple discover marvels of beauty and engineering in Sheikh Bahaii's House.

A Gulf, a Strait and a Sea

An exhibition of photographs by Riccardo Zipoli, presenting images of the beautiful landscape of the Persian Gulf.

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