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Roya dances with her hands

Roya Abdolhosini, an Iranian-Asutralian, is a phenomenon at the age of 26 in physical and intellectual achievements. Born in the city of Melbourne, with her left leg missing, Roya is a postgraduate student in architectural engineering and project management at the University of Victoria. She is also acknowledged as a great gymnast and dancer. 

Roya took up gymnastics as a teenager against the advice of her doctors. Supported by her family, she managed to achieve a high degree of coordination in her performance with the use of her hands and right leg. Earlier this year, she visited Canada for the third time to perform her acrobatic dance in a circus in Montreal. 
She also enjoys performing with other street dance artists to entertain and mesmerise her fans. While Roya was in Montreal, Rojin Shafiei went to see her performance and talk to her about her art, academic background and her ambitions as a gymnast and dancer.


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