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“I have had a recurring dream, starting from early childhood, of being weightless and able to take flight, as a bird would.” This dream is the theme of a new series of photographs and a recent exhibition in Montreal entitled ‘Weightless’ by Yassaman Ameri, an Iranian photographer living in Canada.  In these photographs, she follows pigeons in London, Istanbul, New York and Montreal in search of her childhood dream and its interpretation.  
In ‘Self-exiled People’, Ameri’s first collection of photographs exhibited in Canada, she concentrates on recording the facts through the camera. She simply tries to focus on the social content of images and the situation of Iranian immigrants depicted in them.

In a later series, ‘The Inheritance’ which is a collection of collages and photo images created with digital technology and reproduced as prints,  Ameri highlights the lives of Iranian women of the Qajar period who have been forgotten or written out of narratives. In this multimedia report, Ameri explains the emotions lying behind her latest work.

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