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Transit Tehran

Like many other major capital cities of the world, Tehran is a city of contrasts where the traditional and the modern live side by side. But the multifaceted and sophisticated Tehran is rarely seen outside Iran.  Transit Tehran: Young Iran and its Inspirations, an exhibition of photography, art and documentary films in London tries to illustrate the many aspects of social and cultural life in Tehran.

Transit Tehran, currently on at the London School of Economics and Political Science until 6th November, explores the city’s dynamic society and culture through the work of young Iranian artists, writers and photographers including Sadeq Tirafkan, Khosrow Hassanzadeh, Newsha Tavakolian, Kaveh Golestan, Javad Montazeri, Omid Salehi and Massoud Bakhshi.

Transit Tehran is based on an anthology of new writing and images from Tehran, edited by Malu Halasa and Maziar Bahari and published earlier this year under the same name. Malu Halasa, who is also the organiser of the event, says the idea behind the exhibition was to tell the story of the transformation of Tehran through the eyes and words of Iranian artists.

In this multimedia report we visit the exhibition and hear from Malu Halasa who explains how it was created.

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