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Iran's Mobile Text Messaging

The communications revolution is developing in Iran, with the spread of sms, originally ‘short message service’, text messaging from mobile phones, especially among the younger generation. It was first introduced in Iran in 2002 and now seems to have taken the place of instant messaging ‘chats’ on the internet or emailing for many young people.

Overall, nine million messages are reported being sent a day from Iran’s 15.5 million mobile phones, reaching a peak of 118 million messages on the Persian New Year’s Day, replacing old-fashioned greeting cards. It is considered a relatively cheap and instant form of communication by its users.

It has already advanced to the stage of being used for advertising, providing information services, and also transmitting images and sound. In addition, the medium fits well with the love for poetry shown in traditional Persian culture, as well as jokes and anecdotes.

In this report we find out about the sms creations of the younger generation in Iran and their motivations in using this form of instant messaging service.

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