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Shamlou’s Mementos Dispersed

Following the death of the leading Iranian poet, Ahmad Shamlou (July 2000) his wife, Aida and his friends planned to turn his house into a museum.

It would have been a national treasure, containing mementos of all kinds of this outstanding poet, from personal objects such as his spectacles and walking sticks to books, records, furniture, carpets and many works of art presented by contemporary artists.

All these had been beautifully arranged and lovingly looked after by his wife, Aida, throughout their 40 years of married life. But, alas, she recounts, one cold winter’s day, they were removed by the poet’s elder son.

Now Aida, with the help of their devoted friends, is going to revive the memories of her husband, trying to bring the house to life again with the few mementos still left to her.

She shows us around in this multimedia report, and as she says, ‘For any visitor the house, even empty as it is, can still evoke the spirit of Shamlou’.

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