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Cartoons are generally enjoyed for their wit, satire, or just for the sheer fun of them. But in some parts of the world they can provoke anger, outrage, or even violence and death, as was the case with the Danish cartoons a few years ago. In Iran the publication of some cartoons has led to the closure of several newspapers and the prosecution and imprisonment of their cartoonists. The existing restrictions and the absence of any tolerance towards criticism have made the occupation of cartoonists precarious and rather risky. Many talented cartoonists have moved abroad where they continue their work successfully.

Amongst those still in Iran, the number of professional women cartoonists in particular is few and far between. One of these exceptions is Firouzeh Mozaffari whose cartoons are frequently published in newspapers and magazines these days. Her work has been acclaimed both inside and outside Iran. A German art critic wrote about her last year: “The satirical depiction of social issues and situations has always been one of the favourite subjects of cartoonists in the Iranian press. Firouzeh Mozaffari focuses on this theme with a wry sense of humour, great wit and sharp satire, highlighting social foibles and idiosyncrasies, and mocking those responsible.”

She was the winner of the ‘Persian Cartoon’ of the year, has been awarded several prizes for the best cartoons on the environment and traffic, and has won the press and the Book Festival’s awards in Iran. In this multimedia report, Firouzeh Mozaffari talks about her experience as a cartoonist, her motivations and style of work, whilst showing us some of her colourful, amusing and witty cartoons.

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