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Under the Moon’s Shadow

Eclipses have fascinated mankind throughout the ages. In ancient times, a solar eclipse often caused panic as it was believed that it might be a portent of sinister consequences. But in modern times, it is regarded as a thrilling occurrence which attracts millions of people to witness it. Some scientists and eclipse enthusiasts go much further and try to follow it to wherever in the world its visibility is greatest.

Babak Amin Tafreshi has been chasing eclipses around the world for the last ten years. As a scientific photographer, he has built up a massive record of stunning scenes of eclipses that during these years he has captured in films and photographs, some of which have been published in international scientific journals. Amin Tafreshi is also the founder of TWAN (The World At Night), a project in which photographers from around the world capture images of night skies from landmarks of the world. He was recently awarded the Lennart Nilsson scientific photography award for his photos of night skies in remote places around the planet.

The solar eclipse of 22 July 2009 was a rare phenomenon. It is the longest total eclipse occurring in the 21st century, and will not to be repeated for another 123 years. Babak could not miss this chance for several reasons. Not only it was literally a chance in a lifetime, but it was going to be the final chapter of a remarkable documentary that he and his two associates have been making over the last ten years.

Holding a series of lectures and workshops for hundreds of eclipse followers on board a ship was amongst his other tasks. This was the ship that was taking them from China to a location in the Pacific Ocean where they could best observe the total eclipse for the longest amount of time.
In this multimedia report, we accompany Babak Amin Tafreshi in this exciting voyage on board the ship and see many of his spectacular photographs

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