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Married in Kahrizak

Kahrizak is the most well known name amongst all charitable and state-run homes for the disabled in Iran. Founded 38 years ago by Dr. Mohammad Reza Hakim Zadeh near the village of Kahrizak, south of Tehran, it is now the largest medical and rehabilitation centre for the disabled in Iran. Many donors and volunteer workers have always been and still are contributing to this centre in various ways.

One of their interesting ideas was to organize a group wedding for four couples from amongst the residents of this centre. A big traditional wedding celebration was held complete with music, singing and dancing in the presence of the couples’ families and friends. One of the bridegrooms who, as a result of both arms being disabled, was wearing his wedding ring on a chain around his neck, contributed to the festivities by singing a love song for his bride.

After the ceremony, in accordance with tradition, the four happy couples were escorted by the guests to the new homes prepared for them within the Kahrizak compound. The newly weds might have chosen to live elsewhere if they had a choice, but living here provides them with facilities which are lacking outside. By organizing this event the Kahrizak Charity Foundation once more lived up to its motto: ‘A place to live, not just to survive’.

In this multimedia report by the Iranian photographer Hassan Sarbakhsian, we are invited to take part in the wedding celebration and share with the newly weds these memorable moments which have brought hope and happiness to their lives.  

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