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Creative Christmas Windows

If you visit London during the Christmas shopping season, you cannot miss the eye catching Christmas displays of London’s leading department stores. They usually are a bold and dazzling narration of a Christmas story. They can be entertaining and meant to be attractive and enticing to the customers who would not miss luxury items such as a pair of designer shoes here, a bag or a fragrance there, and an expensive watch nestled away amongst the glittering decorations. 


However, a new trend seems to be emerging as bold advertising is giving way to more creative designs in some stores. One noticeable example of this new trend is on display in John Lewis in London's famous Oxford Street.  John Lewis is not an elite store such as Harrods, Liberty or Selfridges, but it is a popular chain store with the well to do middle class. 


These leading stores have outdone themselves in their displays for Christmas this year. However, John Lewis has led the field in its fusion of window displays. It has created over 180 animals out of some 7000 items it has on offer. These creatures are mesmerising customers, visitors and passersby. Even late at night one can see people taking pictures of these animals such as a turkey made out of colourful towels, a robot deer from vacuum cleaners, a bear fashioned out of furniture, and penguins made from kettles. John Lewis managers have told the media that they wanted to create displays to inspire and delight the customers whilst ensuring that products still remain the stars of the show. It appears that they have managed it well.


The displays have been fashioned for by professional design and creative consultants who are already working on next year's window displays.We take a look at some of these creative displays in the multimedia report on this page by Golriz Farmani..

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