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Women Paragliders of Tehran

From ancient times there has been a desire to fly in the air as the birds do. The modern sport of paragliding, where one can fly and glide after jumping from a height with the aid of a wing-like parachute, goes some way towards fulfilling that.


In Iran, with its conveniently numerous mountains and hills near towns and cities as well as its youthful population, paragliding has grown more and more popular in recent years. 


Hang gliding and other airborne sports require a far greater investment and thus paragliding can be seen as the most accessible of them for greater numbers of people in Iran, especially women who are very active in this field.


We hear the poetry of the desire motivating these women to fly, and Ms. Moghaddam-Manesh, Vice Chair of the Committee for Airborne Sports, takes us on a virtual flight over the skies of western Tehran, in this multimedia package.

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