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Riccardo Zipoli’s Snapshots of Iran

Riccardo Zipoli’s images of Iran and its people.

Adventure in the Amazon

Amazon Indians entertain Iranian amateur astronomers in tree-house

Music in Motion

Farzaneh Kaboli combines traditional Iranian dance with ballet to create a new form of Persian dance.

To Sing or not to Sing

Hourvash Khalili talks about her singing career and restrictions on women performing unaccompanied in Iran.

Blessed Food

The ritual of food distribution in the month of Moharram.

Ups and Downs of the Kabul Zoo

Although conditions in Kabul Zoo have improved many visitors still see room for further work.

Haj Qorban, The Bard of Khorassan

Haj Qorban defines his ancient craft as one of the last of the poet-musicians.

Aids, the Undeniable Fact

Why the real victims of AIDS may be women.

Able, not Disabled

How the disabled live their lives: a photographic portrait.

In Search of a Lost Son

Baba Abdollah’s son promised to support him but went instead to Moscow. His father dreams of finding him.

Parviz Tanavoli’s Locks

The Persian locksmiths’ art revealed in Parviz Tanavoli’s collection.

Baluch Fired Earth

A pottery workshop in Kalpourgan allows potters to make and sell their own works.

The Microrayons of Kabul

Apartment blocks in Kabul have become desirable due to acute housing shortages.

The Cartoons of Kambiz Derambakhsh

The renowned Iranian cartoonist, talks about his work and early career.

Café Culture in Tehran

Cafés in Tehran: The new meeting places for many young Iranians?

The Sound of Love

Yousef Puria shares his passion for creating the traditional Iranian instrument known as a Tar.

The Heart and Soul of Isfahan

A look at the Zayandeh Roud and its relationship with the city of Isfahan.

Through the Eyes of Children

A new exhibition of photographs taken by children is launched in Tehran to celebrate World Children’s Day.

The Story of Dance in Iran

Gholam-Reza Moradi reminisces about his past as a dance teacher and performer before the revolution.

Clay in her Hands

Artists talk about their work at the first exhibition of women potters in Iran.

Pet Dogs in Tehran

Police fine dog owners in Tehran

Chadors, Manteaus and Bicycles

Hijab regulations demand that women cover up even while cycling.

Symphony in Tehran

Thanks to the dedication of its musicians the Tehran Symphony Orchestra is still running strong.

Learning with Kiarostami

Abbas Kiarostami starts running film-making workshops in Iran.

Women on the Shore

Unable to swim in the Caspian Sea, women spend their time taking pictures.

Hair Flair

New hair styles appear as youth culture hits the streets of Iran.

Shadow of the Eclipse

Iranian amateur astronomer heads to the Antarctic searching for an eclipse.

Revolutionary Dimensions in Music

“The Constitutional Revolution inspired new socio-political dimensions in Iranian music.”

The Struggle to Learn

Afghan children find alternative schooling in Iran.

In Search of Fresh Water

City Dwellers in the religious heart of Iran search for fresh water

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