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No Beggars in Tabriz

The tireless efforts of a private charity in Tabriz helping the poor in a dignified way.

Once Upon a Time

Remembering Afghanistan of the 1950s as a prosperous and modern country.

Her Cartoons

Firouzeh Mozaffari cartoons focus on social issues with a wry sense of humour and sharp satire.

Remembering Tehran Trees

Demise of Tehran Trees and gardens as a result of over-expansion of the city.

The Grand Bazaar of Tabriz

The Grand Bazaar of Tabriz named a World Heritage site.

The Sound of Kiosk

The founder of Kiosk rock group, Arash Sobhani talks about their creative and alternative style of music.

Colours of Agony and Hope

Pariyoush Ganji’s paintings are influenced by her emotions and events around her at various periods of her life.

Old Persian Recordings

A rare collection of old Persian music recorded in London over a hundred years ago.

Images of Old Tehran

A nostalgic journey to old Tehran through the lenses of the late photographer Mahmoud Pakzad.

Mervigi Songs

An artistic form of Bukharan singing rooted in a fusion of traditional Iranian and Tajik music.

Sumbat of Julfa

Sumbat is renowned within artistic circles throughout the world for his colourful aquarelles.

Afghanistan Observed

A unique exhibition of historic images of Afghanistan displayed in Kabul and Herat.

The Laughter Club

An unusual club in Tehran promoting the therapeutic qualities of laughter.

Mawlana Rumi Review

The first volume of the Mawlana Rumi Review features seven essays on various aspects of Rumi’s thought.

Beyond the Border

Iraqi Kurdistan is a new and thriving market for Iranian products and cultural activities.

Sima Bina’s Lullabies

A unique collection of Persian lullabies from across Iran by the renowned Iranian singer Sima Bina.

No Fear of Flying

A young man from Bushehr shares his joy of paragliding over the Persian Gulf coast.

The Final Fitting

A glimpse into the world of an Iranian tailor who has been making clerical robes and gowns for the past fifty years.

Evlin Bahceban’s Music

The singer, pianist and teacher, Evlin Bacheban looks back at her artistic life and times in Iran.

The Wall Artist

The graffiti artist Keyvan Heydari roams the streets of Tehran at night creating huge wall drawings.

In Memory of Pouran

Life and songs of the late Iranian singer, Pouran remembered by her sister.

The Honorary Afghan

Nancy Dupree, a leading authority on Afghan history and culture talks about her life and work.

Nowruz in Kurdistan

The elaborate Nowruz celebrations in Iraqi Kurdistan when people forget politics and remember their culture.

Limited Shelf Life

The debate in favour and against purging libraries of Soviet books in Tajikistan.

Healing Waters of Sarein

A trip to the delightful village of Sarein famous for its hot springs and aromatic honey.

Memories of Niavaran

The documentary film maker, Hadi Afarideh takes us on a nostalgic journey to the old village of Niavaran.

Hues of Reds and Blues

The predominance of turquoise blue in the Islamic architecture of Iran.

Turquoise Memories

An exhibition of collages, paintings and video-art by the Iranian artist, Kourosh Salehi.

New Face of Dushanbe

The Tajik capital, Dushanbe has changed into a growing commercial and cultural centre.

Fall and Rise of Bam’s Citadel

A visit to the Citadel of Bam to watch the reconstruction work in progress.

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