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Dust to Dust in Isfahan

Many historic houses in Isfahan have fallen into disrepair and ruin.

Mashad’s Digital Souvenirs

Digital images of pilgrims posing in front of the shrine of Imam Reza in Mashad.

Revival of Zayanderud

Zayanderud River which had dried up completely has started to flow again.

Back to Nature

Reconciliation of man and nature in an eco-village in the heart of London.

A Novel Born in Prison

Mohammad Ali Afghani talks about his life and his famous novel, Ahou Khanom’s Husband.

Remembering Shiraz

Pioneers of photography in Shiraz document the history of their city.

Simorgh Reborn in Music

The legend of the mythical bird in Shahnameh recreated in an operetta by Hamid Motebassem.

Impressions in the Sand

Iranian artist, Ahmad Nadalian's work inspired by the environment and ancient art.

Transit Tehran

Exploring Tehran’s dynamic society and culture through the work of its young artists.

Veteran Tajik Feminist

Fascinating life story of Musharrafa Qasimova, pioneering Tajik actress.

Discovering Ilam

The unspoilt natural scenery and the historical remains of Ilam province.

Under the Moon’s Shadow

Spectacular images of the total solar eclipse by the award winning Iranian photographer, Babak Amin Tafreshi.

Qeshm Sea Festival

The colourful festivities of the Fisherman’s Norooz on the Qeshm Island.

Gilan Midsummer Norooz

Revival of Gilan’s traditional alternative Norooz ceremony held in August.

Early Persian Post Cards

A rare collection of vintage Iranian post cards and historical documents going back to the 17th century.

Tabriz Mashrouteh Images

Rare photographs of the members and leaders of the Constitutional movement in Tabriz.

Street Sculptor

Akbar Fazlipanah’s fascinating wire sculptures of human figurines often depicting a couple.

Colours of Calligraphy

Fusion of calligraphy, colour and painting in the work of Afghan artist, Ali Baba Owrang.

Desert Symphony

Wind towers of Yazd catch the wind to create a distinctive symphony.

Legend of Golha

A major research project to create a digital archive of Golha Persian music programmes.

Land of Stone and Mystics

Traditional ceremonies and rituals of an ancient Kurdish village.

Qazvin Photography Group

The modern style of photography by a group of Iranian artists from Qazvin.

Dawlatabadi Women’s Library

A unique library for women in Tehran offering specialist books on women’s issues.

Shushtar’s Ancient Water Systems

The amazing system of water engineering is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Ahmadi: Poet of Solitude

Prominent Iranian poet, Ahmad Reza Ahmadi talks about his life and work.

Yazdan Reads Eliot

Iranian boy becomes the winner of a nationwide schools' poetry recital competition in Britain.

Daughters of Hope

Empowering disatvantaged girls through creative activities at Omid Mehr Foundation in Tehran.

Polish Passage to Iran

The dramatic story of the Polish exodus to Iran during World War II.

Kashan’s Architectural Wonders

The hidden world of the intricate architecture of Kashan’s old houses.

Tehran’s Masterpieces of Western Art

A unique collection of western art displayed in Tehran.

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