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Kashan’s Architectural Wonders

The hidden world of the intricate architecture of Kashan’s old houses.

Christmas at Home

Spending Christmas with a British family preparing and planning months in advance for the festive season.

Museum of Nostalgia

A virtual museum containing a collection of ancient Iranian objects recreated by the Iranian artist, Shahla Etemadzadeh.

Shakuri’s Life and Work

The leading contemporary Tajik scholar, Muhammadjan Shakuri retires from writing at the age of 85.

The Art of Marco Grigorian

The life and work of Marco Grigorian, the Iranian Armenian modern artist.

An American Martyr in Iran

The tragic death of Howard Baskerville in Tabriz during the Constitutional Revolution in Iran.

Rooftops of Palangan

The unique architecture of the mountain village of Palangan built in a steep gorge in Iranian Kurdistan.

Life in Shadegan Marshes

Environmental damage in the largest wetland in Iran has affected the livelihood of marsh people.

Beyond Portraits

Haleh Jamali tries to change the relationship between the viewers and her portrait paintings.

Baba Marta Spring Tradition

Baba Marta or Grandmother March is a mythical Bulgarian figure who heralds the beginning of spring.

The Bakhtiari Alphabet

The Bakhtiari Alphabet documentary examines the ABC of tribal life and education amongst the Bakhtiari tribe.

House of Strength

Tajik youth reconnect to their ancient Persian heritage through the traditional sport of zurkhaneh.

Fly to Baku

An exhibition of modern art in London featuring the work of contemporary artists from the republic of Azerbaijan.

Afghanistan Institute of Music

A unique school in Kabul where students can study to become professional musicians.

Orbit of Exiled Poetry

British Iranian poet, Abol Froushan wants to break linguistic barriers through literary dialogue in English.

Inside Tank Magazine

Behind the scenes at Tank Magazine, a fashion and arts quarterly published in London.

Persian Postal History

A rare collection of Persian postal documents from the Qajar period exhibited in London.

After the Thaw

A photography exhibition marking 20 years of independence in the former Soviet Union.

A Photo Storyteller

Documentary photographer Omid Salehi captures the rhythm of life in Iran in a newly-published book.

Tehran’s Wilting Plane Trees

Protecting Tehran's plane trees from damage caused by climate change and destruction.

Filming the Shahnameh

The life and work of Tajik filmmaker and photographer, Zaur Dakhte who filmed the epic of Shahnameh.

Sangelaj Theater

A visit to a theatre in Tehran where Iranian playwrights revolutionised scripts which reflected Iranian society.

Iranian Artists at V&A

Five Iranian artists have been nominated for the prestigious Jameel Prize at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Underground Music in Iran

Members of an Iranian underground music band talk about continuing their artistic activities against all odds.

In Memory of Leila Esfandyari

Iranian mountaineer, Leila Esfandyari fell to her death while descending G2 summit.

Shakuri’s Life and Work

The leading contemporary Tajik scholar, Muhammadjan Shakuri retires from writing at the age of 85.

Woven Colours of Nature

A group of young Iranian fashion designers produce their own hand-woven textiles.

Afghanistan Now

Fardin Waezi’s images reveal many sides of life in Afghanistan that are rarely seen.

Early Human Communities in Zagros

Excavations in Zagros Mountains reveal the origins of early human settlements in Iran.

Ballads of East and West

Iranian soprano singer Darya Dadvar talks about her childhood, training and musical career.

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