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Memories on Glass

Story of the forgotten photographs and negatives on glass from the Qajar period discovered.

Patterns of Perfection

The origins of Persian textile patterns and their influence on western design.

Return to Abadan and Khorramshahr

A guided tour of two cities heavily damaged during the Iran- Iraq war.

Aghdashloo: Living to Paint

The renowned Iranian artist, Aydin Aghdashloo talks about his career and the story behind his famous paintings.

Reviving the Glory of Murad Khani

A restoration project to preserve the magnificent architecture of old Kabul.

Nadia’s Dreams

Nadia- photographer, budding actress, modern Afghan woman talks about her ambitions.

Impressions of Tehran

Contemporary Iran through the lens of Greek writer and photographer, Iason Athanasiadis.

Sykes: Explorer of Central Asia

A journey through Kashghar and the Pamirs with Sir Percy Sykes, the British orientalist.


An Iranian photographer in search of her childhood dream and its interpretation.

Zoroastrian Celebration of Norouz

A Zoroastrian priest explains Persian New Year's traditions.

Exercise in the Park

A glimpse into the world of an exercise group in a Tehran park.

Iran's Mobile Text Messaging

SMS instant messaging - 9 million jokes, conversations and ads a day.

Isfahan’s Hidden House

A couple discover marvels of beauty and engineering in Sheikh Bahaii's House.

Iranian Identity Under the Safavids

A major exhibition at the British Museum to explore the rule and legacy of Shah Abbas.

Shamlou’s Mementos Dispersed

Shamlou's spirit experienced through his home and mementos.

Vafa Animal Shelter

Iran’s first dog shelter persevering to care for unloved animals

Art in the Tehran Metro

Sculpture, lacquer work and engravings showcased in Tehran’s underground subway system.

Gilan’s Rural Heritage Museum

An innovative project to restore and preserve Gilan's cultural and architectural heritage.

Gorgi’s House

The story of an old mansion in Yazd as told by its last remaining resident.

Reza War and Peace

It is my belief that all the darkness of the world cannot put out the light of one small candle.

Mokarrameh’s Fantastical Art

The modern art of an Iranian village artist discovered.

Iran’s World Heritage Monastery

UNESCO recognises Persian-Armenian church as a World Heritage Site.

Tajik Actresses’ Struggles

Tajik women's experiences on stage.

The Tale of Lalehzar

Historic avenue of Tehran yields its secrets: Lalehzar's rise and fall from glory.

Women Paragliders of Tehran

Riding the air currents over Tehran, women flying freely over the city

Champions of Body and Mind

Zoorkhaneh: The old Persian traditional sport and exercise hall

In Search of the Reclining Buddha

The Kingdom of Bamian Revealed through the work of an Afghan Archaeologist.

The Niqab Makes a Comeback

Religious rules in Tajikistan - culturally interpreted, or purely implemented?

A Tribute to Ardeshir Mohasses

The surrealist art of Ardeshir Mohasses’ socio-political cartoons.

The First Persian at Oxford University

From childhood to Prime Minister and Regent, the life of Nasser-ul-Molk

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