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Along Varzob River

Pollution in the popular holiday resort of Varzob near Dushanbe is threatening the environment of this lush valley.

Tehran’s Book City

A newly opened multi-storey book store in Tehran has become a meeting point for writers and literary critics.

Treasures Lost and Found

A unique exhibition at the British Museum showcasing rare treasures of Afghanistan’s cultural heritage.

Welcoming Nowruz

The traditional spring festival of Arous Gol in Gilan and Mazandaran.

Masked Emotions

Iranian artist, Atiyyeh Nouri describes the idea behind face masks representing constrains suffered by women.

Me According to Others

An innovative project by an Iranian photographer where people dress the way others would like them to be.

Abadan’s Memory Lanes

Many street names in Abadan are connected to the oil industry and influenced by the English language.

Rhythms and Shades

Reza Derakhshani is an accomplished artist who has wandered into almost all the art forms.

Soviet Legacy in Kabul

A visit to an old Soviet style construction factory in Kabul which was destroyed in the civil war.

The Sound of Silence

Portraits of women singing in silence by the talented Iranian photographer, Newsha Tavakolian.

Jumping with Joy

A group of young men in Tehran demonstrate their spectacular skills of jumping and climbing known as Parkour.

My Tajik Cousins

Living in Tajikistan helped an Iranian-Canadian photographer to better understand its connection to Iran.

Karun Diaries

Pollution of the Karun caused by sewage and industrial waste threaten the largest river in Iran.

Plant for the Planet

Environmental organisations and citizen volunteers take part in a UN campaign to plant trees in the outskirts of Tehran.

The First Movie

Irish filmmaker, Mark Cousins hands over the camera to Kurdish children in Iraq to make their own documentary.

Dialogue Through Design

An innovative workshop in Tehran bringing together traditional Iranian architecture and advanced technology.

Mashad’s Arab Quarter

A visit to the Beheshti district of Mashad and its Arab residents displaced by war.

Iranian Films in London

The first Iranian Film Festival in UK showcases 35 Iranian films in London.

The Gift of Natanz

The natural beauty and historical sites of Natanz makes it a great place to visit.

Qajar Banquet

A nostalgic gathering of the remaining members of the Qajar family in London.

Treasures of Sarazm

The oldest archaeological site in Central Asia designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Married in Kahrizak

Four disabled couples celebrate their wedding at Kahrizak Centre for the disabled in Tehran.

House of Mashrouteh

A guided tour of the headquarter of the constitutional revolution movement in Tabriz.

Best of Two Worlds

Three young Iranians in London explore the issues relating to their identity and dual culture.

Hidden Faces

Three young photographers express their identity through images of faceless women and blurred faces.

The Art of Shahnameh

An exhibition of illustrated Shahnameh manuscripts in Cambridge brings Persian myths to an outside audience.

From Frontline with Love

Love letters from the Iran Iraq warfront through which a son gets to know the father he never knew.

Tracing Beethoven in Tehran

The story of a famous music store and it’s pioneering role in the cultural life of Tehran.

Women Warriors of Kabul

The groundbreaking achievements of an all women’s martial arts team in Kabul.

Persian Music at the Glass House

Persian music classes at a cultural centre in the Netherlands.

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