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How Smart is the Card?

Iranian motorists voice their hopes and fears for the new fuel rationing cards.

Seven Women, Seven Perspectives

Seven women photographers on women in Iran today.

Gordafarid, the First Woman Storyteller

How story-telling turned a woman into a fighter.

Hassan Sarbakhshian's Photographs

Weddings in contemporary Iran: portrait of an era.

The Friend of the Caspian Deer

Self-portrait of documentary film-maker Kioumars Derambakhsh.

Homage to Rumi

Everyone knows about Rumi – except the people of his native land.

Iranian Fashion with World Appeal

Traditional Iranian styles in a modern world guise.

Joy of Reading in Tajikistan

Before 1991 Tajiks read more. Life is better but books are in short supply.

The Politics of Fashion

People dress to express individuality, but in Iran politics imposes uniformity.

The Sun Castle

Built by Nader Shah, it protected Iran against attack from the north.

The Fortune Tellers of Afghanistan

How do people in Kabul find out what is going to happen to them?

From Kabul to Kandahar

Pictures by British visitors to Afghanistan when India was part of their empire.

The Conscript Teacher

Rather than wear a uniform, Qasem is teaching in a poor village school.

The Coffee House Artist

Ahmad Khalili paints not on canvas or but on the walls of coffee-houses.

Goldfish Across the Ocean

In Nowruz Iranians in Toronto buy goldfish, a symbol of life and exuberance.

The Fishermen of the Caspian

The fish come to the fishermen, not the fishermen to the fish.

Images of Daily Life from 19th Century Iran

The paintings depict people going about their lives and occupations in Tehran.

Bahman Rezaie on Death and Humour

Bahman Rezaiee has invented his own style of deathly parody.

The Berry Picker of Khoshk

Ali lives in Tehran but he returns to Khoshk to harvest the barberries.

The Carpet Weavers of Qom

The beauty of the carpets hides the pain of those who make them.

A Day in the life of a Kabul Housewife

Marjon has five children and a husband who earns $60 a month.

Life Without the Satellite

What happens after the police confiscate the satellite dishes in Tehran?

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