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Shahrzad’s Tale

The rise and fall of a popular Iranian actress in her own words.

Book Readers of Kabul

A visit to the annual Kabul book fair.

Coping with power cuts

The impact of power cuts on the residents of Tehran.

The Colour of Imagination

An exhibition of art work by working children in Tehran.

Bringing Sand to Life

A visit to the annual Babolsar Sand Sculpture Festival.

Georgians in Iran

A trip into the Georgian communities of Iran.

Public Baths Lose their Shine

The decline of public baths in Tehran.

Gardens of Numbers

The Iranian artist, Yahya Fiuzi, produces abstract art inspired by numerical relationships.

Residents of Mountain Slopes

A look at life in the mountainside slums around Kabul.

Seven Blind Filmmakers

Seven blind women capture their lives on film from their own perspectives.

Surviving the Harsh Winter

Coping with an arctic winter in Dushanbe.

A Rising Star

The nineteen year old Tajik singer, Nazieh Karamatullah, discusses life in the limelight.

Isfahan's Ancient Pigeon Towers

An examination of the ingenious towers which brought industry and nature together.

Sadeq Hedayat’s Heritage

A look at the history of the Sadeq Hedayat Museum which never was.

Kasraiian: Photographer of the People

Nasrollah Kasariian discusses his work inspired by the rural landscape and its people.

Pioneers of Iranian Modern Art

Exhibition in Tehran celebrates the leading figures in modern Iranian art.

Four Pupils and a Teacher

Abdul Mohammad She’rani discusses life as a teacher in a school of only four pupils in Iran.

City of Smoke and Waste

Confronting the environmental tragedy in Kabul.

Selling Underground

Working on the rails: women earning a living on the Tehran Metro system.

Magicians for Peace

Tom Vernon brings some magic into the lives of Afghan working children in Iran.

Art in Carpets

The exquisite carpet weaving techniques of Abolfath Rassam-Arabzadeh

In Search of the Other

Partou Zia, the late Iranian-born British painter and her Visionary Zone.

The Unspoilt Continent

An Iranian student embraces the untouched beauty of Antarctica.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Mobarakshah, a Tajik photographer, and wordless artistic expression

Makeup, Kabul Style

Young men & women of Kabul articulate their views on makeup & cosmetics

At Home with Aida Shamlou

Aida Shamlou on the life and work of her late husband and poet, Ahmad Shamlou.

Mobile Revolution in Afghanistan

A look at how the mobile phone industry has changed the face of Afghanistan.

Eternal Leaves

Bahador Saidi discusses his distinctive style of ‘painting with plants’.

Goldfish, living symbols of Nowruz

Nowruz goldfish market

Tehran’s Women Cabbies

Driving taxis in Iran: women facing the challenges of pioneering a new profession.

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